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My name is Neilon I’m an all round Bodyworker with the best part of 30 years of experience. I started my yoga and martial arts practice when I was 10 and whilst there have been gaps, these and other practices, have been informing my life ever since. I’ve been teaching and coaching bodywork, by which I mean working with bodies in a conscious way, for around 8 years.

I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in London where I gained a BSc Hons in Zoology at Imperial College. Since then I have been on a continuing journey of self-development and education. I have a broad experience that allows me to effortlessly combine a deep understanding of human nature in a sophisticated and organic way with the latest revelations in exercise and nutrition. I am a Personal Trainer, Kung Fu instructor and AcroYoga teacher and Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Preferring an all-round, holistic approach to health and wellbeing, I consider myself a strength and movement coach and work extensively with weights, kettlebells,  and TRX suspension training as well as bodyweight exercises, acrobatics and naturalistic movements. The therapeutic side of my work is also essential. Having dealt with a congenital back condition for such a long time, I have tried many therapies and treatments and, hands down, my favourite form of massage is Thai Yoga. For me it covers all bases, stretching, deep compression, the focussed aspect of the Metta or loving kindness and accessing the muscles from many different positions.

One of my proudest personal achievements was completing the 2011 Brighton Marathon despite the medical profession telling me as a child that due to a spinal condition I should never run. Oh and I did it barefoot! A major part of the journey for me is learning to balance advice and listening to my own body as well as setting challenging goals to over come. I can honestly say that at 41 years young I am stronger, more able, deal with less back problems, happier and do more tricks with my body than ever before. My passion is to share some of  my knowledge and to empower you on your journey to wellness, happiness and all out celebration of this amazing gift of body that we have.

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