12 Unexpected Marathon Training Tips

As marathon season approaches and most of you have put in the long miles, I thought I’d put out my top 12 tips for marathon preparation, some of which may seem counter intuitive. Some tips are from the hours of obsessive research leading up to the big day and some is from my experience that […]

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Why Women Lift Weights

Resistance training gives the most benefits of any exercise type. More than just “toning up” Firstly, lets deal with why a lot of women resist resistance or weight training. The main barrier I come across is the fear of getting bulky. For the vast majority of women this simply isn’t possible. Men and women have […]

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Have A Guilt Free Christmas

Ok, so christmas is here and you’re piling on the pounds. Beating yourself over the head with the metaphorical stick to force to you in to the gym or to take control of your eating might seem like the only way you’ll get off your bum, but you’re actually setting yourself up for failure.

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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Personal Trainer

1. You’re Just Not Getting The Results You Want

2. You’re At A Loss At Where To Start

3. You Don’t Like Gyms

4. You’re Bored With The Same Old Workouts

5. You Want To Be Pushed

6. You Want Confidence To Workout On Your Own

7. You’re Motivated by Accountability

8. You Have A Specific Illness, Injury Or Condition

9. You’re Training For A Sport Or Event

10. You Want Supervision And Support During Workouts

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Lose weight by eating eggs

Studies, such as the one carried out by Dr Carrie Ruxton, have shown that eating 2 eggs for breakfast compared to a bagel based breakfast leads to people eating 200-400 less calories throughout the rest of the day. The 2 compared breakfasts had the same calories, but the people who had the eggs were not […]

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Why I’m running in the Brighton Marathon

OK, so the real reason I’m running the marathon is that when I was 13 the specialist said that I should never run and that I could end up paralysed just by running for the bus. Pretty much from that point it’s been at the back of my mind as an impossible goal that some day I’d like to conquer. I was never sure it would ever be possible.

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