Self-Defence For Women and Kids


Get in touch if interested or for 1 to 1 sessions.

I get a lot of enquiries about kids Kung Fu classes and I there’s a gap in the market for women’s’ martial arts classes so I thought I’d start practical Wing Chun Kung Fu based self defence classes for women and children. These classes will have the benefit of not necessarily having to find child care and the classes will be a friendly, cooperative environment where participants will have the confidence to learn and practice at their own pace.

Classes will be held in central Hove.

Participants will learn traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and contemporary self-defence.

Areas covered will include:
  • Avoidance and awareness – common sense on the street and how not to be a selected target
  • Your rights in self-defence – have confidence in your rights as well as your ability
  • Fear – physiology and how to deal with it
  • Striking – must be trained regularly to gain efficacy
  • Conditioning – good old fashioned fitness
  • Sensitivity and reflex training – learn to respond by pure reflex in the most appropriate way

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  1. christine LE NAHEDIC says:

    hello my son is 12 years old and is interested in wing chu classes can you send me info please x thanks


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