Top 10 Excuses Not To Use A Personal Trainer

1 – I don’t have time. if you’ve got time to watch telly or to go on facebook, then you’ve got time to exercise. an effective workout can be as quick as 30 minutes. schedule it in your diary if you need to.

2 – I can’t afford it. If you can afford to drink alcohol or eat out, then you can afford a Personal Trainer. If you can’t afford a personal trainer then there are gyms that cost as little as £16 per month or you can go running or cycling for free. There are loads of inspirational bodyweight workouts you can find on the internet too. Checkout BodyRockTV and on Facebook.

3 – I’m too tired. The reason you’re tired is because you are out of shape! When you get fit, you have more energy and sleep better.

4 – I’m too old. You’re never too old to start. in fact weight training is extremely important for older people to prevent muscle wastage and particularly for women to prevent osteoporosis. 60% of people over 60 can’t stand up un-aided. this is totally unnecessary. Exercise keeps you strong and coordinated preventing injuries and falls.

5 – I hate gyms. Then train outside or use a personal trainer in a private studio which is a much nicer environment than the testosterone fuelled, intimidating gyms with awful music.

6- It’s boring. Variety is key. Personal trainers will give you a different workout each time as well as carefully working on your progression so you’ll see yourself get stronger each time. Vary your activities with things you like doing too. Like swimming, dancing, walking, running, cycling, martial arts.

7 – I don’t want to get bulky. I hear this a lot from women. The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of women are not capable of getting bulky no matter how much they train. Think of it like baking bread. The bread is the muscle and the yeast is the testosterone needed in order for the bread to rise. Women simply don’t have anywhere near the amount of testosterone that men do.

8 – My back hurts. Building strength in the back and core, which is not just the abs, is the number 1 best way of helping and preventing back pain.

9 – I’m too fat. Weight training is low impact and is very effective way of burning fat and building muscle which will in turn burn fat all day long. Apart from that, being active and eating properly is extremely important.

10 – I just need to get fit then I can start personal training sessions/kung fu lessons. This has to be the funniest excuse I hear. basically what people are saying is that they need t get fit before they can start the activities they need to get fit! My advice. Start from where you are. Personal training is the most effective and safe way of getting fit. Perhaps the most benefit you can get from a personal train is to get you up and running – they are experts at this. Same goes for starting a class. Whether is dance or martial arts. Go in at your own level, have breaks if you need to, use the activity to enjoy yourself, learn and skill and get fit all at the same time.

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