Why I’m running in the Brighton Marathon

OK, so the real reason I’m running the marathon is that when I was 13 the specialist said that I should never run and that I could end up paralysed just by running for the bus. Pretty much from that point it’s been at the back of my mind as an impossible goal that some day I’d like to conquer. I was never sure it would ever be possible.

Pain may be a constant in my life, but I can certainly run. It’s been an emotional journey for me. Running with music affects me even more. Right from week 1 of training, just about every run I do is the longest I’ve ever run.

As challenging and emotional as this marathon is for me, I still consider myself beyond privileged to have access to clean water from any tap. It’s a cliché, but many around the world are not so lucky. Today 4,000 children will die from drinking dirty water.

Sponsor my run in support of wateraid here:

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