Lose weight by eating eggs

Studies, such as the one carried out by Dr Carrie Ruxton, have shown that eating 2 eggs for breakfast compared to a bagel based breakfast leads to people eating 200-400 less calories throughout the rest of the day. The 2 compared breakfasts had the same calories, but the people who had the eggs were not as hungry by lunch time and so ate less. My advice? Eat eggs for breakfast. Or indeed any protein rich “real food” such as smoked fish, leftover chicken.

Ditch the cereal and the bread. It’s junk, unsatisfying and damages insulin response in the long run.

Worried about eggs increasing cholesterol? Don’t! The British Heard Foundation dropped it’s advice to limit egg consumption in 2007! Eating cholesterol does not increase blood cholesterol in the vast majority of people and even if it does, there is no evidence that this increase leads to heart disease. In fact the yolks contain most of the nutrition like the much needed omega-3 fatty acids, cretinoids and other vitamins.

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