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2 Way Fit – Guaranteed Weight Loss Programme

Everyone knows how to stay healthy and in good shape – there’s no secret. All it takes is regular exercise and eating habits that are appropriate for your body.

When you’re fit, toned and slim you feel fantastic. You have more energy, better concentration, more self-confidence and you’re ill less often.

So why is it that so many people struggle to stay in shape?

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Cyber Monday Xmas Sale! Save £120!

For a very limited time (until the end of Cyber Monday 29th November) you can buy a Xmas 6 Pack for £150 – saving £120!! “So what the hell are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?” I hear you cry. Well, after a bit of Googling, in short, Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas […]

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Personal Trainer, Brighton – Neilon PT

My commitment as a Personal Trainer in Brighton is for you to have a happier, healthier & more fulfilled life. There’s nothing better than seeing your clients gaining confidence and vitality as they achieve their goals – whether it’s weight loss, toning muscle or overall fitness. I was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in London […]

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Looking For A Personal Trainer In Brighton Or Hove?

Neilon is a first class personal trainer with an holistic and integrated approach to fitness and well-being. Lose attachments to bad habits as you lose weight, gain balance in your life as your core stability improves, and grow as a person as your strength grows. You will be supported  – and challenged – to take on […]

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Learn martial arts in order to avoid conflict

There is an uncredited adage of indeterminate age that vaguely goes something like “The better you are at martial arts the less you have to use it”. To some people this makes sense straight away – it’s common sense. To others it just sounds daft. This video clip on YouTube gives a pretty clear example of how this can be true.

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