Learn martial arts in order to avoid conflict

There is an uncredited adage of indeterminate age that vaguely goes something like “The better you are at martial arts the less you have to use it”. To some people this makes sense straight away – it’s common sense. To others it just sounds daft. This video clip on YouTube gives a pretty clear example of how this can be true:

Now, you don’t need to be a world champion or know the guy’s brother, but that does help it be funny on YouTube.

When one trains hard and regularly tests ones skills then a certain presence of being is brought forward that is a combination of confidence and humbleness. There is nothing to prove. The ego does not get hooked by petty name calling. There is no reactivity.

This is why I train a very practical street based martial art like Kamon Wing Chun. There is little talk of philosophy, chi and the style is short on fancy elongated beautiful stances and kicks etc. For me this makes Kamon all the more spiritual because we deal with what is real. There is no story, no drama – just what works. There is no hang up on tradition, we are always seeking to evolve and improve. The confidence that comes from training a practical style and the humbleness from working with training partners that can and do gain the advantage keeps me grounded and prepared. When people ask me if I have ever had to use my Kung Fu I either answer “no, never” or “yes, every moment”. Both are true. I have used my training in a number of specific occasions to diffuse confrontations with myself and between other people. At times the diffusion comes from talking and other times it comes from a total preparedness and comfortableness with the situation in any way it may play out. The less the Ego/identity/self is involved the better.

I currently instruct Kamon Wing Chun classes in Streatham, South London and Eastbourne, Sussex. For more information click the link below:

Kamon Wing Chun


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    That video is awesome! I totally did not expect that and I appreciate you not revealing it in your blog post. Ha ha, that was too funny. I thought for sure this video was going to be about a guy who learned martial arts and could now defend himself. Well, I guess in a way this video shows how it did teach him to defend himself but in a peaceful manner. Also, in your post you wrote that you sometimes answer “no, never, or yes, every moment.” Both are true.” You mean all 3 right? All 3 are true? I like the every moment answer as well. I think bjj has done that for me. No I’m not using it all the time, but having that knowledge in the back of my head sure helps.


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